Best Streaming Box for IPTV

Best Streaming Box for IPTV [2024 Buying Guide]

In recent months, the quality of Android streaming boxes has improved tremendously. As one tech firm after another releases new streaming dongles and IPTV boxes, the competition is stiff. With so many new and inexpensive IPTV streaming boxes to choose from, which one is right for you?

How to Choose the Best Box for IPTV

To select the best box for IPTV, you need to consider that following criteria:

  • Connectivity
  • Media Playback
  • Memory Requirements
  • Television capability (new TV or old)
  • Operating System (i.e., Android TV vs Open Android)

In our best box for IPTV buying guide below, we’ll provide and in-depth review of each streaming box list above and break down everything you need to know.

Best Streaming Boxes for IPTV

#1. Fire TV Stick 4K Max

All-new Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max streaming device, supports Wi-Fi 6E, free & live TV without cable or satellite

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The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max is a streaming video device that lets you stream video, install apps, and do other things on a tv that doesn’t enable it otherwise. The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max is the latest addition to Amazon’s growing line of streaming devices.

It is a definite upgrade from the Fire TV Stick 4K and is being hailed as the company’s best product ever. The new Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max is equipped with Wi-Fi 6 and offers a quicker streaming capability. This is the first stick with Dolby Vision support.

Key Features

  • It is about 40% faster than its predecessor.
  • The smartphone will have a better and quicker user interface, with faster app loading times and smoother navigation.
  • It features Dolby Vision, HDR, and HDR10+ and therefore can playback 4K Ultra HD content.
  • Users will also have access to Dolby Atmos audio.
  • Because the gadget is equipped with Wi-Fi 6, it will be able to stream at a faster rate.


  • Outstanding 4K HDR quality.
  • Performance that is quick.
  • Every app you’ll ever require.
  • Integration of live TV with smart home cameras.


  • The interface is cluttered with Amazon and advertisements.
  • Voice search isn’t always reliable.

Final Verdict

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max strengthens one of its Fire TV Stick 4K’s flaws: performance. However, there is a small price increase over its predecessor for this improved performance.

#2. Nvidia Shield Android TV 4K

NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Streaming Media Player; 4K HDR, live sports, Dolby Vision-Atmos, AI-enhanced upscaling, GeForce NOW cloud gaming, Google Assistant Built-In, Works with Alexa

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While there are other Android boxes TV that seem to be cheaper, smaller or have a fun function or two, it’s impossible to suggest anything but the NVIDIA Shield TV.

This is by far the most feature-rich Android TV set-top box, thanks to the firm’s tireless efforts to fill in gaps where Google’s core system software has fallen flat.

The Nvidia Shield Android TV IPTV streaming box has the latest hardware, networking, and gameplay. It’s compatible with Netflix and YouTube’s 4K streaming services.

Key Features

  • From the integrated gamepad, the Android TV platform provides strong contextual voice commands.
  • The native app selection is strong, so you can access most major services by using your smartphone or tablet to cast compatible programs.
  • Even with rather complicated programs, the UI is lightning fast. You may increase the storage capacity to 128GB.


  • Elegant design
  • Compact size
  • Excellent performance
  • Google Cast compatibility
  • User-friendly interface
  • Sd expansion
  • Support for 4K


  • Limited availability of Android games
  • Smart TVs still needs to be polished
  • Expensive

Final verdict

The Nvidia Shield TV 4K has smooth game streaming, quick 4K HDR media fetching, and bold AI upgrading for 1080p video.

#3. NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Pro 4K

NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Pro Streaming Media Player; 4K HDR movies, live sports, Dolby Vision-Atmos, AI-enhanced upscaling, GeForce NOW cloud gaming, Google Assistant Built-In, Works with Alexa

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As per the NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro review, the SHIELD TV Pro is the ultimate streaming video player for today’s modern living room. It’s brimming with tantalizing treats that will delight even the most discriminating diners.

You may upgrade to SHIELD TV Pro for greater room space, expandability through USB 3.0 ports, Plex Media Server, SmartThings, AAA Official Android gaming, Twitch streaming, and other features.

You can do almost anything with this kind of variety and speed: stream Netflix or Amazon Instant video in 4K HDR. Android games such as Doom & Resident Evil 7 Biohazard are available.

Key Features

  • You can enjoy a brilliant theatrical HDR display experience using Dolby Vision.
  • The Dolby Atmos sound system creates a surround sound experience that immerses you in a new universe of sound.
  • The NVIDIA Tegra X1+ CPU has AI Upscaling, which improves video quality from HD to 4K in a single click.
  • It has a Premium design that will make it the focal point of your amusement area.
  • You can use Google Home, Alexa, or Amazon Echo to manage your SHIELD Pro TV hands-free thanks to the built-in Google Assistant function.


  • It works just as well for gaming as it does for watching movies and TV shows.
  • It has a simple, straightforward user interface that can be controlled with a variety of remote devices.
  • Voice commands are also included in the gadget if you like them.
  • The system is quick and responsive, and we were particularly surprised by the AI upscaling, which may appear to be a gimmick but actually works.


  • The largest stumbling block is the price, especially when compared to low-cost streaming video devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick.
  • Cost is expensive

Final Verdict

We enjoy what the Nvidia Shield TV PRO has to offer, despite its hefty price. This is a high-capacity media streaming gadget with a gaming component.

#4. Xiaomi Mi Box S | 4K Android TV

Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K HDR Android TV Remote Streaming Media Player with Google Assistant Streaming Device 4K Ultra HD

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The Xiaomi Mi Box S isn’t unattractive, although it is a tad dull. The box is square and therefore is around 3.5 by 3.5 inches. The Xiaomi logo is on the device’s top, whereas the back has a basic HDMI connector, a USB port, a 3.5mm audio jack, and a charging port.

The gadget is simple in general, which isn’t always a negative thing.

As you may think, actually setting up the Xiaomi Mi Box is simple: Simply plug the HDMI port into your TV or receiver, as well as the power port into an outlet, and you’re ready to go. After that, replace the batteries in the remote, switch on the TV and the gadget, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Key Features

  • This streaming machine costs around $60  and features 4K and HDR.
  • The Mi Box S also comes with Android TV 8.1 pre-installed.
  • You may also use Android TV to browse a large number of apps. There are the obvious ones, such as Netflix and YouTube, but there are also a variety of games and fewer services, such as Google Assistant, that may be useful.
  • You could utilize Google Assistant to operate your full home cinema system if you set up HDMI CEC.


  • Inexpensive
  • Android TV is a good option.
  • The design is small and delicate.


  • Awkward remote control
  • Some concerns with the software

Final Verdict

The Xiaomi Mi Box S isn’t quite as good as the Nvidia Shield TV, but it’s a viable alternative if you’re searching for Android TV on something like a budget.

#5. X96 Android TV 11.0 Streaming Box

X96 X4 Android TV Box 11.0, Android 11 TV Box with Amlogic S905X4 Quad-Core 64bits A55 1000M LAN Dual-WiFi 2.4G/5G, Android Box 4GB RAM 32GB ROM with Wireless Keyboard 8K/6K/AV1/3D/USB 3.0/BT 5.0

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3D games and movies, Miracast, ISO files, plus NTSC are all supported with the box. It also recognizes a variety of languages. It does not enable DVDs or outside subtitles, but that does handle HDMI 2.0, which is among the fastest methods to connect your TV to watch films.

The device’s operation is simulated by an LED indication included within the box. The light is red when it is in standby mode, and blue when it starts operating. Almost all audio, video and picture formats are supported by the box.

The X96 TV Box, with its unique capabilities, is a modern-day requirement. No one likes to view films or look at images on their laptop at times, notably when the entire family is around.

It will also double your amusement if you have a TV box that can be readily set up and reads all input formats.

Key Features

  • The Android 11.0 TV box weighs 4.09 ounces.
  • The box is only available in black.
  • It features an 32-gigabyte storage capacity and 4 gigabyte of RAM. The TV box’s dimensions are 90*90*20 mm; its tiny size saves room and makes it easier to transport.
  • The system runs on 64-bit RAM and has an 32-GB ROM.


  • Cheap and Powerful.
  • For KODI and media Wifi, it’s fine.


  • There are no navigation bars on Android.
  • Poor firmware, no root, and Google Play are restricted.
  • The app is unable to turn off the LEDs.
  • The AV1 codec isn’t working.

Final verdict

This X96 Anrdoid 11 Streaming Box is ideal for people who don’t want to pay for services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, even Hulu. On Android TV and Fire OS, it performs significantly better.

#6. Amazon Fire TV Stick (not MAX)

Amazon Fire TV Stick, HD, sharp picture quality, fast streaming, free & live TV, Alexa Voice Remote with TV controls

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Not only do the majority of 4K TVs now offer at least some type of app and streaming service, but specialized 4K media streamers are also becoming more affordable. The dimensions of the Fire TV Stick 4K are 3.9 by 1.2 by 0.6 inches, which is somewhat bigger than the conventional Fire TV Stick (HWD).

It’s a simple matte black rectangle with such a male HDMI connector on one end and a micro USB port on another. If your HDMI cable is too large to fit into a port on your TV, a thin, flexible HDMI extension helps to place it at a different perspective.

Key Features

  • No need for a secondary remote, the Fire TV Stick 4K can control the power and volume of your TV, allowing you to jump immediately into watching streaming video.
  • Alexa Support
  • 4K Playback


  • Affordable.
  • In 4K, HDR10 and Dolby Vision are both enabled.
  • Amazon Alexa.
  • Wi-Fi streaming and menu navigating are both quick.


  • The Ethernet adapter is not included in the package.
  • Soon to be replaced by the 4 MAX

Final Verdict

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is the greatest video streamer you can get for around $25, with Alexa Voice, and TV controls to eliminate the need for multiple remotes, this is a great valued product.

#7. Upgraded Pendoo T95 Android TV Box


BL Android TV Box 2023 Android 10.0 TV Box 4GB RAM 32GB ROM, TV Box 4K Android Box H616 Quad-core with 2.4G 5G Wi-Fi 6K H.265 HDR Bluetooth 3D USB Ethernet TV Box Android

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This box comes equipped with Android 10.0 operating system 64-bits of Cortex-A53, which also raises the stakes in functionality with a sleek design latency UI.

Integrated with the recent android Apps, it also delivers great content as well as super smooth interaction expertise than some other boxes of android tv.

The box of android tv 10.0 has 4GB of RAM also the largest 128GB ROM on the marketplace, which increases the android based box’s stability and gives you enough space to run the additional application as well as games swiftly.

An SD card or also an auxiliary USB device can also be used to extend the storage. To make controlling the box of Android TV easier, it includes a complimentary tiny backlit keypad with a trackpad and multicolored LED backlight.

Key Features

  • Android 10.0 OS system for the most up-to-date app and program functionality.
  • With 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of ROM, you’ll have enough processing power and memory for all of your personal files.
  • This rapid decoding saves 50% on storage and enables high-resolution streaming with HEVC H.265 and VP9.
  • Resolution: 4K/6K.


  • Upgraded hardware and software
  • Integrated SD card and USB port for extra storage capacity
  • Cool design features


  • Doesn’t perform as well as other boxes on the list

Final Verdict

If you want something that is both economical and high-spec, the Pendoo T95 Android Box TV is an excellent option. You won’t be finding better technology at a cheaper price point on the marketplace.

#8. T95 Android 10 TV Box Allwinner

T95 Android TV Box 10.0 2GB RAM 16GB ROM 6K Ultra HD, AllWinner H616 64bit Support 3D USB HD H.265 2.4/5GHz Dual WiFi Ethernet Android Box

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The T95 Android Box TV runs the newest Android of 10.0 OS. This makes the T95 system faster and more efficient.

Android 10 TV has several convenient and customer-friendly procedure options and features that can enhance customer experience.

Key Features

  • Processor with superior efficiency.
  • It offers a 4K/6K Ultra HD display with HDR 10+ allowing for rich colors as well as deep details as buried beauty come to life.
  • Box’s of android tv 4GB RAM ensures that it runs stably and smoothly, allowing you to watch movies and play games without buffering.


  • It’s simple to use, and the service is excellent.
  • support a greater level of contrast and saturation


  • Other boxes on the list perform better at the same price-point

Final Verdict

With this T95 Box, you can view your favorite films on any streaming device, including Disney+, Netflix, or Prime, YouTube, and perhaps even play computer games!

How to Choose the Best Streaming Box for IPTV


The best Android TV box is of no use to you if you can not enjoy the content because either the box can not connect to the internet or you can not connect the box to your TV.

The latter is rather rare, as most speakers have a common HDMI port. For the internet connection, make sure that the model has either a Wi-Fi or LAN connection – depending on your needs – or, ideally, both.

Today countless Android TV boxes are equipped with only one WLAN module. If you do not have a wireless router, you will not be able to do anything with such devices.

But much more interesting is the question, which other devices you can connect to the box itself. The manufacturers have different variants of boxes on offer.

Those that can only be operated by remote control and those to which you can connect external devices such as mouse, keyboard etc. via Bluetooth or USB.

Thanks to the Android operating system, this is easily done via Plug and Play, but not equally easy and reliable on all devices.

Therefore, you should pay attention to the connection options with other devices when buying your next Android TV box for IPTV. These include, in addition to a mouse and/or keyboard, external hard drives and USB ports, so you can access your home data.

If for whatever reason you will not be connecting your Android TV box to your home network (I highly recommend that you do), you want to ensure that you can easily and conveniently access files via external storage devices.

This will allow you to easily view your vacation pictures and videos on the TV, but keep in mind you need to make sure that the appropriate data format can be read by the Android TV box, which will seamlessly lead to the next point.

Media playback

Depending on what type and format of content you want to play on your Android TV box, you’ll also want to make sure that the box is capable of doing so. For example, not every device plays MKV videos formats, while others are capable of transmitting UltraHD videos in 4K to the TV.

High-resolution files also require good processor performance as well as graphic and memory performance. You must not expect that a simple Android box for 20 dollars is capable of playing MKV videos in UltraHD quality smoothly.

Even complex streaming apps such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video need a certain amount of computing power, so that they run without much stuttering. The key here is the processor performance, graphic performance and memory performance, especially when dealing with 4K Ultra-High Definition.

If you want to use the box as a small PC replacement with many options, the recommendation is to buy a powerful device as possible, otherwise you will reach the limits of performance.

I generally recommend a minimum quad-core processor. Do not buy an Android box for IPTV that has a very weak processor and only 1GB or less of RAM. Newer apps and software will not work there anymore.

It is also very good if the internal memory of the box can be extended. This way you can easily add more storage when needed.

Is Your Television Set Capable?

I realize that this is probably a moot discussion at this point in time, as most people have all but done away with their old “tube type” sets.

However, here at we don’t want to leave anyone out of the conversation, so for completeness I mention television set compatibility here.

Before you can choose the best Android TV box for IPTV that fits your needs, not only will you have to compare prices, but you’ll also need to take into consideration the type of TV you have.

In fact, it would be useless to buy a product that allows you to view Ultra HD resolution content if your television set is not equipped with a suitable panel or HDMI input.

Therefore analyze the characteristics and identify the maximum resolution that can be reached by your television through these abbreviations: HD (1,280 x 720 pixels), Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) and Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160 pixels).

After taking note of this detail, check the type of ports available on your television set, such as USB and HDMI. Once you have done this preliminary analysis, you will be ready to choose a suitable Android TV box for IPTV.

Finally, do not forget to check the speed of your Internet connection. A TV box will give you the opportunity to access the home network and view streaming multimedia content. To use this technology, however, a good ADSL connection or, preferably, fiber is required.

Memory Requirements

With an Android TV box for IPTV you can not only watch IPTV channels, but you can usually also record or download a program. To do this, you naturally need storage space or memory in the device. There are different models for sale that easily have a few GB of storage space that I will be recommending shortly.

If you plan to install many applications on your Android TV box and record many programs from a digital television channel, it is a recommendation to choose a device with the highest possible storage space or is at least expandable.

Fortunately, most Android TV boxes have the option to expand the internal memory with a memory card. You can then choose how much storage space the SD card has to place in the device.

Additional Functions

Compared to inexpensive Android TV boxes, a fully equipped device can boast a lot more features. Thus modern devices between $40 and $100 dollars can play most formats, work partially or fully with 4K UHD, and it can be connected additional control elements such as mice and keyboard.

As a result, the little all-rounder box mutates into a mini-PC for your TV, making it a cost effective way to make your current TV “smarter”!

As a general rule, the newer the installed operating system is, the more extensive the features it comes with out of the box it will be.

Currently, a minimum Android 5.1 is a good choice, since almost all popular apps are compatible with it, external hardware is well recognized and you are less limited in terms of other apps.

Ultimately, what you want to do with the box is crucial. I recommend making sure you’re buying a quad or even octa-core processor that also has a has the largest possible internal memory and 2 GB of RAM. With this, all possibilities are open to you.

Why you should use a VPN with IPTV 

Using an VPN is in many cases not an obligation. While in some others you will be absolutely obliged to subscribe to a VPN. Here is a little reminder of the times or use a VPN for Android is recommended or mandatory:

  • Have access to Netflix US
  • Have access to French content from abroad
  • Connect to Google from your Android Smartphone and Tablet (In case you live in China for example)
  • Keep your anonymity when downloading or streaming online
  • Secure your internet flows from a public connection network
  • And many others…

If you have other uses for a VPN, please don’t hesitate to post them in the comment section.

How to choose a VPN for IPTV…

You will find a plethora of VPN offerings for IPTV available on the web. Most are paid and we do not recommend to go through a free offer because too many options characterizing a VPN for IPTV will be missing.

Here is also a summary of the features you should look for to find a good VPN for IPTV:

  • Kill Switch: This option certifies that your connection only goes through the VPN. It is possible that the connection to your VPN is cut off for a few minutes and that your identity is revealed. Kill Switch will protect your identity during downloads or streaming by cutting off your connection.
  • IPv6 Leak Protection: IPv6 is fairly new and several VPNs have not yet updated their protection system. That is to say that leakage of IP addresses are possible on some websites if your VPN is not up to date.
  • DNS Leak Protection: This feature certifies that all DNS queries are no-logs and private
  • Shared IP System: Mixes the web traffic of a VPN across multiple shared IP systems. This will allow your VPN to send more legitimate traffic to the receiving servers. Essential to use Netflix in other countries for example.

Another advantage of these VPNs is the option to be able to choose which “mode” you want to make your VPN. You will have the choice to put your VPN in Streaming, Security & Anonymity, P2P and many other “modes” depending on which VPN provider you choose.

What is the best VPN for Android?

We have done several tests, in fact we did a whole article if you’re interested of why some VPNs work very well on Android.

In summary, our top picks for the best VPN for IPTV streaming are the following:

#1. ExpressVPN – check out our exclusive pricing here.

#2. IPVanish – be sure to visit their website here.

#3. NordVPN – view their discount packages here.

#4. PureVPN – see their latest pricing here.

#5. CyberGhost – still a solid VPN. See their pricing here.

Final Words on VPNs for IPTV…

Most quality VPNs are paid and offer more or less the same features. In this case it will be important to check the latency of the proposed servers, the quality of the VPN application and the after-sales service because we are never safe from a glitch…