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Best Keyboard for Amazon Fire TV Stick

Learn the easy steps to enhance your Fire TV Stick experience by connecting a keyboard seamlessly. Navigate through apps, search effortlessly, and streamline your Fire TV Stick interaction. Our step-by-step guide demystifies the process, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

Elevate your Fire TV Stick usage with the convenience and efficiency of a keyboard connection, making browsing and typing a breeze on your favorite streaming device. In this guide, we will review the best keyboard product for the Amazon Fire TV stick available right now.

How To Connect a Keyboard To a Firestick?

Pairing a Bluetooth keyboard (and mouse) with your Amazon Fire TV or Stick is fairly simple, and you can follow the following steps:

  1. Go into the Settings tab on your Fire TV/Stick, then go to Controllers and Bluetooth Devices
  2. Click Other Bluetooth Devices, and then Add Bluetooth Devices
  3. Place your keyboard or mouse in pairing mode. This might vary depending on the keyboard/mouse model, but typically you can do this by simply pushing the button that activates this function.
  4. The Amazon Fire TV/Stick will now scan for nearby Bluetooth devices and connect your Keyboard once it is detected
  5. Test that all buttons work properly on the keyboard (or mouse)

If you don’t want to purchase a new keyboard and you’re looking to repurpose an old USB or wireless keyboard you have laying around the house, that is possible too! However, you will need some additional hardware.

You’ll need to purchase a 2-in-1 Micro USB to USB Adapter (OTG Cable + Power Cable) to connect the USB dongle or USB keyboard to your Fire TV Stick.

AreMe 2 Pack OTG Cable Adapter for Fire TV Stick 4K, Powered Micro USB to USB OTG Cable for Android Phone Tablet and More Host Devices with Micro USB (Black)

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Simply plug the USB dongle of the keyboard to the female full-size USB connection on the OTG, and connect the rest of the cables of your Firestick to the male and female micro USBs as shown.

AreMe 2 Pack OTG Cable Adapter for Fire TV Stick 4K, Powered Micro USB to USB OTG Cable for Android Phone Tablet and More Host Devices with Micro USB (Black)

Note: your keyboard will be plugged into the port where the USB drive is plugged in the image. Your keyboard should now function properly.

What is the Best Keyboard for Amazon Fire TV Stick?

If your looking to purchase a new Bluetooth ready keyboard, our top pick for the best keyboard for Amazon Fire TV Stick is the Fosmon Mini Bluetooth Keyboard.

It is a compact Bluetooth keyboard that also offers a touchpad and useful shortcut buttons that are commonly available only in full-sized keyboards.

Fosmon Mini Bluetooth Keyboard (QWERTY Keypad), Wireless Portable with Touchpad, Compatible with Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5, HTPC/IPTV, VR Glasses, Smartphones

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Key Features

  • Innovative and compact QWERTY keyboard with touchpad that provides comfort combined with the freedom of wireless connectivity. Connect to all of your favorite devices with this wireless keyboard.
  • Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity with a working range of 33ft/10m, easily connects and controls Bluetooth devices with this wireless keyboard.
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with up to 10 days of continuous working time and up to 50 days of standby time. The LED indicators notify when the battery is low and when it is fully charged. Charging via the included USB cable is simple and easy
  • The convenient backlit keyboard is perfect for use in a dark environment
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent keyboard layout that also includes an intuitive touchpad
  • Soft keys, easy to type with
  • Long-lasting battery life, rechargeable
  • Durable, high-quality build
  • Complete row of shortcut keys, very useful for various purposes, including adjusting Firestick volume with just a single tap


  • No IR learning feature
  • Touchpad’s location might make some keys difficult to reach

Our Verdict

The Fosmon Mini Bluetooth keyboard is our pick for the best keyboard for Amazon Fire TV Stick due to the fact that it can offer a full-scale functionality of a standard-sized keyboard while being a very compact and lightweight mini keyboard that also includes a touchpad.

It is only 6.25” long, so it’s one of the smallest keyboards on this list, but it also offers a full series of shortcut keys on the top row.

Simply the best keyboard we’ve reviewed due to its great build quality, an excellent set of features, and a great price to value ratio.