Channel Master CM-4228HD Antenna Review

Channel Master CM-4228HD Antenna Review

Welcome to our review of the Channel Master CM-4228HD Antenna, a popular choice among cord cutter enthusiasts seeking reliable over-the-air (OTA) reception. Often touted as one of the best TV antennas on the market, we’ll delve into the features, performance, and overall value that this high-definition antenna brings to the table.

Without further ado, let us begin.

Channel Master CM-4228HD Pricing

While it’s not a cheap antenna, the price point for this outdoor TV antenna is affordably placed at around $150 USD. Based on our tests and its quality, it is a great value for the money.

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Pros and Cons


  • High Gain: The CM-4228HD is known for its high gain, which means it can capture signals effectively, especially in areas with weaker signal strength.
  • Multi-Directional Reception: This outdoor TV antenna is designed to receive signals from multiple directions, eliminating the need for constant adjustments.
  • Durability: It is built to withstand various weather conditions, making it suitable for outdoor installations.
  • Wide Frequency Range: The antenna supports a broad frequency range, allowing it to pick up UHF and VHF signals, including both high and low band frequencies.
  • Easy Installation: Many users find the installation process relatively straightforward, especially if they have some experience with antenna installations.


  • Size and Appearance: The CM-4228HD is a large and bulky antenna, which may not be suitable for users who prefer a more discreet or compact design.
  • Outdoor Installation Required: As an outdoor TV antenna, it may not be suitable for those living in apartments or other situations where outdoor installation is impractical.
  • Not an Amplified Antenna: The antenna does not come with a built-in amplifier, which may be necessary in areas with weaker signals or for users who are farther away from broadcast towers.
  • Cost: While not prohibitively expensive, the Channel Master CM-4228HD is priced higher than most indoor antennas. Users need to consider the cost of additional accessories such as coaxial cables and amplifiers if required.

Our Verdict

This is one of the best outdoor TV antennas on the market. It has a rather unique multi directional design, meaning, you don’t have to point it directly at the broadcast tower, however, it is recommended.

This antenna has an advertised reception range of up to 80 miles, and based on our test, it is pretty reliable. It comes pre-assembled and is also pretty easy to install, although it doesn’t come with a mast or coaxial cable, so you’ll need to purchase these separately.

A minor downside for us is that the antenna can’t receive low VHF signals (it can receive high VHF), as it is mainly designed as a UHF antenna. It is also not the cheapest option available, although it does offer a lot of value for its price.

We’d definitely recommend the Channel Master CM-4228HD if you are currently in the market for a multi directional outdoor TV antenna or attic antenna.


Reception Range     

Up to 80 miles


174 to 216 and 470 to 700 MHz

VHF Gain                    5dB
UHF Gain                   12dB
Front to Back Ratio              18dB
Return Loss               N/A

75 Ohm

Mounting Clamp                   U bolt up to 2″
Turning Radius                                                              2 ft.
Output Connector                                                        F-type
Size (product)                        41 x 33 x 5 in
Weight (product)                                                         10 lbs
Wind Resistance                   (at 100 mph, no ice) – 72 lbs

What’s included in the box: in the package, you’ll get the antenna unit and a pair of U-bolts. Mast, amplifier, and coax cable are not included.

Assembly and Installation

The Channel Master CM-4228HD Antenna is designed with user convenience in mind. We’ll guide you through the installation process, discussing the ease of setup and the versatility it offers. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or new to antenna installation, you’ll find our insights valuable in maximizing the potential of this powerful device.

The Channel Master CM-4228HD comes pre-assembled so the installation process is fairly straightforward. Here are the steps required:

Step #1 – Unboxing Your Antenna:

Start by folding out the two front sections of the antenna. Make sure to simultaneously fold out both the right and left sections so you don’t overly strain the phasing harness.

Make sure the front sections are straight and parallel to the reflector grid. Secure the wing nuts as shown in the image below.

Image giving an external antenna view.

Step #2 – Attaching the U-bolts to the Mast:

Attach the included U-bolt mounting hardware to the antenna as shown in the image below. Note the antenna mast is not included. You will need to purchase a mast or use a 1.5″ diameter conduit for the job.

Image showing Channel Master CM-4228HD mounting hardware assembly.

Step #3 – Mounting the Antenna mast:

You will need to decide where to locate your TV antenna to ensure a strong signal. The placement is crucial to ensuring the strongest signals possible, particularly from longer distances. This will greatly impact the number of channels you receive, especially if you are in an area of weak signals. Here are some important factors to consider when trying to find that “sweet spot”:

  • Ensure your antenna is mounted high enough to avoid obstructions.
  • Try to minimize cable length as much as possible.
  • Properly ground your TV antenna.
  • Fine tune your antenna by experimenting with different placements.

Be sure to read our antenna installation guide once you are done here.

Step #4 – Attaching the Coaxial Cable:

Connect a quality RG6 coaxial cable (not included) to the antenna’s port. It’s recommended to secure the cable with a cable tie to the mast to protect the connector.

If you are using a pole, it’s recommended to attach the pole with guy wires if the pole is longer than 12 feet. Also, for outdoor installation, you should ground the antenna with a coaxial grounding block or lightning arrester.

Step #5 – Aiming and Testing Your TV Reception:

For ideal TV reception, you should carefully aim the antenna’s front towards the TV transmission towers. The front of the antenna is the side with X-shaped elements. The Channel Master CM-4228HD can potentially receive signals from TV stations that are separated 180 degrees apart from your location.

To aim the antenna, you should first find the location of the nearest TV transmission tower(s) in the area. You can use our TV station locator tool and a compass (or the compass app on your smartphone) to help with this process.

Optional but recommended, you can also use a level tool (there are also smartphone apps for this) to ensure the vertical portion of the J-mount is truly perpendicular to the ground to ensure optimal reception and stability.

If you are planning to pick up signals from two different towers (separated up to 180 degrees), try to aim the front of the antenna between the towers.

For best signal reception, consider:

  • Install the antenna as high as possible (this is why outdoor installation on your roof is preferred). Make sure you have a clear path between the antenna and TV transmitters with as few obstructions as possible. Nearby buildings, trees, and other tall objects can impact the performance of your antenna.
  • If you are installing the antenna indoor, provided you have enough space, place the antenna near a window on the side of the house facing the TV transmitter.
  • Keep the antenna as far as possible from potential interferences, including air conditioners, hairdryers, microwave ovens, etc.
  • In general, keep the antenna away from devices that can cause electrical interferences.

Finally, it’s time to scan for local TV channels. Perform a channel scan on your TV or tuner to ensure it’s searching for all available channels. Sometimes, local channels may have been added or changed since the last scan.

Signal Strength, Reception, and Frequencies

As discussed, the Channel Master CM-4228HD is a solid antenna. It can receive TV signals from a reception angle of 180 degrees, although you still need to point the antenna in the TV transmission tower’s direction.

This is not an amplified antenna. This outdoor TV antenna has a reception of 12dB and can receive TV signals from up to an 80 mile range. It supports digital TV picture quality of up to full HD 1080p.

The antenna is optimized for UHF (radio frequency channels 14-69), but it can also get high VHF stations (radio frequency channels 7-15).

If you experience a weak signal or weak signals due to long coaxial cable runs, you may need to consider the use of a pre-amplifier. A pre-amplifier, or pre amp, for short is mast-mounted device designed to overcome signal loss. However, if the signal strength is weak to begin with, a pre amp will not help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a user manual for the Channel Master CM-4228HD?

Yes, you can download Channel Master’s official user’s manual here.

What is the #1 rated TV antenna?

It’s challenging to pinpoint a single “#1 rated” TV antenna, as the effectiveness of an antenna can depend on various factors, including your location, distance from broadcast towers, and the specific channels you want to receive. We recommend you check out our review of the best outdoor tv antennas here.

Can I install an outdoor TV antenna myself? 

Yes, you can definitely install an outdoor tv antenna yourself unless you are uncomfortable with heights. If you are planning to install this antenna outdoors, you’ll need to climb a ladder onto your roof in most cases.

However, the installation process is fairly simple and you shouldn’t have too many issues installing the antenna on your own.

Is the advertised 80 mile range long enough? 

There are TV antennas that advertise a longer reception range, but be weary of these claims. The multi-directional design allows the Channel Master CM-4228HD to reliably pull in TV channels from this range.

For most rural areas, this should be enough, but it’s best to first use our TV station locator tool to check how far the nearest TV transmission tower is in your area. If you need a longer range, then consider checking our article on the best long range outdoor antennas.

Do I need an indoor TV antenna or an outdoor TV antenna? 

As a general rule of thumb, the higher the elevation of the antenna, the better. So, an outdoor antenna placed on your roof will always perform better than an indoor antenna.

Also, the larger an antenna’s surface is, the more signals it will receive, and as we know outdoor antennas are much bigger than their indoor counterparts.

However, not everyone can (legally) install a roof-top outdoor antenna, for example, if you live in an apartment.

The next most ideal alternative is to install an outdoor antenna in your attic, but if that’s still not possible, then today’s indoor antennas are pretty decent, and some actually are really high-quality, so they can be a nice alternative.

If you live within a few miles of the TV transmitter (which is commonly the case if you live in a densely populated area), and the signal path is relatively unobstructed, then using an indoor antenna shouldn’t be an issue.

Does the antenna come with a preamplifier? 

Unfortunately, this antenna doesn’t come with a preamplifier, so you might need to purchase a preamplifier separately if:

  • Your coaxial cable is more than 50 feet in length
  • You are going to use a splitter to split the signal into multiple TVs

We’d also recommend using a preamplifier is:

  • You are more than 20 miles away from the nearest TV broadcast tower
  • You are going to mount this antenna in the attic (your walls and roofs might act as possible signal obstacles)

Do I need to install a digital converter box with the antenna? 

You will need to buy a digital converter box if your TV can’t receive digital signals on its own. Most if not all TVs built after 2007 can receive digital signals, so most likely you’ll only need a converter box if your TV is built before 2007.

Check your TV’s manual whether the TV is digital compatible.

Do I require a signal amplifier or signal booster?

The answer to this would depend on your location. If you are located too far away from the TV transmission tower (above 80 miles for this antenna) or if there are a lot of obstructions in your area, then you’ll need an amplifier.

However, remember that the amplifier also boosts noise, so you might not want to use one unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Where are Channel Master TV antennas made?

Channel Master products, including antennas, are designed and manufactured in the United States. However, manufacturing locations can change over time due to various factors such as company decisions, outsourcing, or changes in production strategies.

To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information on where Channel Master products are currently manufactured, we recommend checking the official Channel Master website or contacting Channel Master directly.


The Channel Master CM-4228HD antenna presents itself as a robust and effective outdoor solution for receiving over-the-air television signals. Its high gain and multi-directional reception capabilities make it suitable for areas with varying signal strengths and broadcast tower locations. The durability of the antenna, designed to withstand different weather conditions, adds to its appeal for outdoor installations.

However, potential buyers should consider some drawbacks, such as the antenna’s large size and somewhat challenging assembly process. Additionally, the absence of a built-in amplifier may be a limitation for users in areas with weaker signals, necessitating an additional purchase.

If you reside in an area with diverse signal directions and need a reliable outdoor antenna capable of capturing a wide frequency range, the Channel Master CM-4228HD could be a worthwhile investment. Its performance benefits may outweigh the challenges associated with its size and assembly.

Ultimately, before making a decision, it is crucial to assess your specific location, the distance from broadcast towers, and your individual preferences. Additionally, staying informed about the latest customer reviews and product specifications will help ensure that the Channel Master CM-4228HD aligns with your unique requirements for an outdoor TV antenna.