Connect TV to WiFi without Remote

How to Connect Your TV to WiFi Without a Remote

Did you know that most TVs need an internet connection for you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies? Therefore, you need to setup a wired or wireless connection to your home network. Wireless connections are preferred because they are easy to setup and a cheaper option since homeowners do not need to purchase cables or hire a technician for cable installations.

However, you need a way to navigate to the appropriate settings and connect to your home’s WIFI network, and the remote control plays a vital role in this. But what happens when your remote stops working or you misplace it?

Fortunately, there are several ways you can connect your TV to WIFI without a remote, as explained below.

Using A USB Keyboard and USB Mouse

Most TVs feature several USB ports that allow you to connect with other peripheral input and output devices. This means you can connect keyboards, speakers, media storage devices, or even a USB mouse. The USB ports are located on either side of your TV or even behind. To connect a USB mouse/keyboard to the TV:

  • Check whether the TV has USB ports or supports USB peripheral devices.
  • Purchase a compatible USB keyboard and mouse from your trusted electronics store.
  • Using the USB port, connect the mouse or keyboard to the TV.
  • Try moving the mouse or using the keyboard arrows to determine whether your TV detects them.

You can now use the connected mouse or keyboard to browse through or navigate your television’s interface. Although your remote ensures convenience, this means you can do without it.

A USB keyboard designed for Smart TVs is among the most straightforward alternatives to a remote. When the TV detects the peripherals, accessing the TV’s settings is the most critical part.

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Navigate the TV interface, access settings, and select WIFI settings.

  • In the WIFI settings, use your mouse to scroll to or select the SSID of your home WIFI. You can also use the keyboard up and down arrows to move through or select the WIFI network.
  • If the TV has disconnected from the WIFI, use the keyboard to enter the password you’ll be connected to the WIFI. You could also use the onscreen keyboard and your USB mouse to enter the password.

As an example, let us consider Vizio and LG TVs.

Using a USB Mouse Or Keyboard to Connect LG TV To WIFI

LG is among the TV models that feature USB ports. To connect TV to WIFI without using a remote:

  • Connect the USB mouse or keyboard to your LG TV’s USB ports.
  • Press the button placed centrally under the LG TV, right below the logo.
  • Toggle the button to input and use the mouse to connect.
  • Use the mouse to click on the live TV and wait for the displayed Menu to close.
  • Move the mouse to the right of the LG TV screen and click on “Recommended.”
  • You will see the network disconnected pop-up. Click on “yes.”
  • The network settings will pop up, allowing you to enter the SSID or network credentials to connect to the WIFI.

Samsung TVs follow a similar process to connect to WIFI without using a remote.

Using a USB Keyboard to Connect Vizio TV To WIFI

Factory resetting is the first step to connecting the Vizio TV to WIFI, and because you do not have a remote, you can use the buttons on your TV directly. The buttons might be on the right or left side or even directly under the TV screen, depending on the model. To connect your Vizio TV to WIFI, follow the following steps:

  • Power on your TV and press & hold the volume down and the input button simultaneously for 5 seconds.
  • A prompt appears on the TV screen eventually, instructing that you press the Input button for a further 10 seconds. The TV will begin resetting after 10 seconds.
  • After the TV has finished resetting, plug the USB keyboard or mouse into the USB port at the back of the TV.
  • Using the keyboard, complete the setup. On the network setup screen, enter the SSID of your home WIFI network. Then enter your password, and you’ll have a connected TV to WIFI.

Directly Using an Ethernet Cable

If your TV doesn’t have USB ports, you shouldn’t be worried because you can still connect your TV to the internet directly over ethernet. However, this method assumes that your TV has an ethernet port, and there are several benefits to this.

Benefits of Using an Ethernet Cable to Connect Your TV to the Internet

  • The connection has more speed because of low latency.
  • Ethernet connections are more reliable compared to WIFI connections.
  • Overall, ethernet provides a more stable signal, meaning you can enjoy your streaming without buffering.
  • Wired connections have low interference compared to wireless connections.

You can use ethernet permanently or temporarily, depending on your preference and the router’s location. If the router is far from your TV, the cost of cabling might make you lean towards WIFI. So, how can you connect the TV to ethernet?

Follow the following steps to connect the TV to the internet using the ethernet:

  1. Check whether there is an ethernet port on your TV. If it has one, you are in luck. You can proceed with the following steps.
  2. If the router is far from the TV, pull your TV unit close to the router and use an ethernet cable to connect your TV unit and the router using the ethernet port. Otherwise, you can get a long enough ethernet cable that can reach the router from the TV.
  3. If you don’t have one, go to your nearest store and purchase a Cat8 Ethernet Cable. Ensure the length of the cable can connect the TV from the router.
  4. Turn on the computer and check whether it is connected to the internet.

Wired connections also don’t need you to enter a password, meaning that you can automatically connect to the internet. For example, let us consider how you can connect Vizio TV to the internet using this method.

Connecting Vizio TV to the Internet Directly via Ethernet

Most of the Vizio TVs feature an ethernet cable at the back. Check whether yours has one. Follow the steps below to ensure that your Vizio TV has an internet connection:

  1. Connect one end of the ethernet cable to the ethernet port on your Vizio TV.
  2. Connect the other end of your ethernet cable to the ethernet port on your router directly.
  3. Turn the Vizio TV off using a power button located behind the TV. It should, at this point, recognize the wired connection.
  4. And that is it. Your TV can now access the internet.

This process can also be used even with other devices such as Hisense, LG, and Samsung TVs.

Using a Companion Application

Whether Samsung, LG, Vizio, or Hisense, most TVs feature companion mobile applications that can be used to control them. In many ways, the companion applications behave like a remote, meaning that you can select items, change channels, or even power off the TV. However, there is a catch. You must connect the smartphone housing the companion application to the TV device first.

Contrary to the traditional method where you needed to create a hotspot using the same SSID and password with your home network, nowadays, companion apps double as remotes, and connecting them to the TV makes the process easier. To connect TV to WIFI using a companion app perform the following steps:

  1. Download the companion application to your smartphone. Remember, companion applications aren’t compatible. Hence, download one that matches your TV. For instance, the companion app for Samsung is Smart things, while that of Vizio is SmartCast.
  2. Register for the application by entering the required details and login into your account. Once you’re logged into the app, you can connect it to the TV.
  3. Go to the application’s dashboard where your Tv should be listed. Scan and add it to your app’s dashboard if it isn’t. Now you can control the TV using the app.
  4. Using the mobile phone as a remote to control your TV, navigate the interface to the settings and WIFI settings.
  5. Scan for your home WIFI network if it isn’t listed. If listed, select the SSID and enter the password.
  6. Then, you’ll now be connected to your home network.

As an example, let us consider the Vizio SmartCast app.

Connecting Vizio TV To WIFI Using A Companion App

SmartCast is an application designed for use, particularly by Vizio TVs. The application is compatible with iOS and Android devices and doubles as a remote. Below is how you can use it to connect TV to WIFI:

  1. Download the app here.
  2. Create an account or use the guest option at the bottom of the application’s screen.
  3. You will see a prompt to “select device” on your smartphone’s screen. The app will search for any surrounding devices and present you with a list by taping it.
  4. Tap on your device and then select “get started.”
  5. You’ll be presented with a 4-digit pin on your Vizio TV. Enter the code into the app directly.
  6. That is it. You’ll be connected to the device. Use the smartphone remotely and navigate to WIFI settings to set up your WIFI.
  7. Scan for your home network’s SSID and select it.
  8. Enter your password to connect to WIFI using your companion application finally.

However, various TV companion applications work differently. You’ll connect your Samsung TV to WIFI without a remote.

Connecting Samsung TV Using A Companion App

  1. Download the SmartThings application from the play store or app store to your smartphone.
  2. Register your details and log into the application. To ensure that you don’t have to keep logging in, select the “remember me” option.
  3. In your SmartThings app, open the dashboard to see whether your device is listed. The TV should be automatically discovered from there.
  4. Click the blue button labeled remote to enable remote services.
  5. If the device isn’t listed, head on to “Devices” and click on “Add Device.” This will allow you to add the Samsung TV to the companion app.
  6. Upon finding your device, click “connect.”
  7. On the SmartThings app and below your Samsung TV, click “remote.” This will open a digital remote service that you can use to navigate the TV.
  8. On the digital remote, tap on the menu button.
  9. Navigate to the settings and select “WIFI and Connectivity.”
  10. In the WIFI and connectivity wizard, select your home WIFI, insert the password and click on connect.

That’s it. You’ll have connected to the WIFI. You can now enjoy your favorite show and stream your preferred program.

Purchasing a Universal Remote

Suppose you do not have a USB mouse or keyboard or even an ethernet cable, then you will need a universal remote such as the one below readily available on Amazon.

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A universal remote might save the day, so homeowners are advised to have one. Since the most vital step is ensuring that your TV is connected to the internet, do the following to connect your TV to WIFI using a universal remote:

  • Turn on your smart TV, whether LG, Sony, Samsung, Vizio, Roku, etc.
  • Then, set up the universal remote as per the instructions provided by your TV manufacturer. You might even need a Unique or specific code.
  • Using your universal remote, go to the Menu.
  • On the Menu, select network.
  • The TV will begin scanning for any available WiFi networks nearby.
  • When it finishes scanning, select your home network from the drop-down list.
  • Then, enter the WIFI password to authenticate the connection. You’ll be now connected to the WIFI and can enjoy your favorite shows.

A universal remote can come in handy, especially when your remote malfunctions. Hence, having one in the house is essential. Let’s consider Vizio as an example:

Using A Universal Remote To Connect Visio TV To The Internet

  1. Switch on your Vizio TV.
  2. Using the instructions from Vizio TV, set up the universal remote.
  3. Using the set universal remote, open the TV’s MENU.
  4. On the Menu, select network. The Vizio TV will begin scanning for the networks nearby.
  5. Select your home network and key in your password from the list of networks.
  6. Click on “connect” to connect TV to WIFI using the universal remote.

Using Physical Buttons or Joystick

If your TV has physical buttons or a joystick, you can use them to access its Menu and navigate through its settings. Based on the TV model, the control buttons can be on either side of the TV.

  1. Using the buttons or the joystick
  2. Navigate to the Menu and then settings.
  3. Select wireless settings or network depending on your brand on the settings menu.
  4. Look for the SSID of your household WIFI. Click on the network.
  5. Enter your password and click “connect.”


Like any other electronic appliance, the TV remote can malfunction or even get damaged. You could also misplace your unit, leaving you stranded when trying to connect your TV to WiFi. Have you ever met yourself in such a situation? If you’ve read this entire article then you know how frustrating it can be. But as explained, there are several ways to connect your TV to WiFi without a remote.

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