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How To Watch FOX Without Cable

Cutting the cord is a growing trend. Cable used to be fantastic, and it really used to be the best way to watch television. Cable TV brought so many great innovations with it, but the keyword here is “used to be.” In this article we’ll show you everything you’ll need to answer the question, “How to watch FOX without Cable”.

Now, as we start 2020 off, cable companies have become lazy. They keep raising the price for what they offer, and to be blunt, their service hasn’t improved much since its inception. Are there more channels? Sure, but how many channels do you really watch?

This is why we want to focus on cord cutting today, and more specifically, how to watch FOX without cable. We’ll be using FOX as an example, because everyone has their own favorite channels.

So if you’re ready to save thousands each year, and get an even better TV experience in general, you’ll definitely want to pay close attention. We’ll be breaking down some of the best ways to cut the cord, and we have some great sections for you read.

How to Watch FOX without Cable: Over-the-Air Antennas

Over-the-air antennas (OTA TV) is making a very strong comeback. This is due to the fact that technology has improved, and the quality is so much better than it once was. Oh, and did we mention that OTA TV now has more local networks than ever before?

There are, however, many different OTA antenna options to choose from, check out our full review articles of the best outdoor antennas and best indoor antennas.

How did OTA TV make a comeback?

OTA TV faded away once cable took over. The promise of more channels, and better quality, ruined the prospect of OTA TV for most people. While this may be the case, times have changed.

This is due to the fact that OTA TV antennas have gotten so much better, and you can actually stream up to 4k on certain devices. Also, now with OTA TV you’ll be able to access plenty of channels in your local area. To do so, you’ll need to grab yourself an antenna, and plug it right into your television. In theory, it works the same way as it used to, but the technology is just much better.

The better the antenna, the better your range will be. If you live in a metro area, don’t panic, because the indoor options we’ll show you in a moment will definitely get the job done.

What types of channels do I get?

OTA TV will provide you with access to channels that are within range of your antenna. For the most part, you’ll be exposed to local networks like:

  • ABC
  • CBS
  • NBC
  • FOX
  • PBS
  • The CW
  • and many more

To find out exactly what channels are available in your area, be sure to check out our TV Station Locator for Antenna tool. This tool will allow you to enter your zip code (don’t worry it’s completely safe) and it will provide you with a complete OTA channel listing for your area and draw in the location of all the broadcast towers close to you. It’s a great tool to check out!

Below is a short video demonstrates the Locator Tool in action.

How much does OTA TV cost?

OTA TV is actually fairly inexpensive. This is due to the fact that you only need to pay the cost once, and from there, you don’t need to pay for a monthly service. So when it comes to the price, OTA TV is very inexpensive overall. To be quite honest, when you think about, it’s kind of like watching free TV.

So as you can see, watching FOX without cable is quite possible with an OTA TV antenna.

How to Watch FOX without Cable: IPTV Streaming Services

The 21st century has definitely been the age of steaming. You can stream your favorite shows on plenty of different services, and binge watching has almost become the only way to watch TV. This is how cable companies have survived for so long, because nobody is paying attention to live TV anymore.

This is why we want to set some time aside to go over some ways to use streaming services to stream Live TV. We’ll show you that cable is overcharging, and that you can watch channels like FOX just fine without them. Let’s jump right in.

Hulu Live TV

If you want to know how to watch FOX without cable, trust us on this one, Hulu Live TV has your back. You’ll be exposed to plenty of DVR time -in the cloud of course- and plenty of channels that we know you’ll love.

The features

Hulu Live TV comes with some pretty great features that include:

  • Cloud based DVR storage
  • Local networks
  • Sports channels like ESPN
  • Almost 100 channels (click here for complete channel list)
  • The option to include channels like HBO, Showtime, and more
  • No annual contract
  • The option to stream Hulu’s vast array of IPTV content
  • Compatible on multiple devices

How much does Hulu Live TV cost?

The beauty of Hulu Live TV is that it only costs $54.99 per month. Now, with that being said, we bet that’s cheaper than your cable bill, right?

Fubo TV

Fubo TV is another great way to watch FOX without cable. This is due to the fact that you’ll have FOX, and over 100 other channels to watch as well. Oh, and the best part about Fubo TV? You get access to global networks as well. So for all of you European football fans out there, you’ll want to pay close attention to Fubo TV.

The features

Fubo TV comes with a wide range of features such as:

  • cloud based DVR
  • Over 100 channels
  • No yearly contact
  • European sports
  • Local networks
  • Sports networks like NFL network
  • Comparability with multiple devices
  • The option for channels like HBO, Showtime, and more

So when it comes to features, Fubo TV has you covered. To see all the channels Fubo TV has to offer in your area click here.

How much does Fubo TV cost?

Fubo TV has a very competitive price, and will only cost you $54.99 per month. This means that can stream everything you need for one low price.

Sling TV

Sling TV is a very unique service, and on a per¬†package basis, can potentially be the least expensive option on this list. So if you want to figure out how to watch Fox without cable the right way, you’ll want to stay focused for Sling TV.


Sling TV offers two separate packages (Blue and Orange), but you can also combine both of them for a discount. Each package has different channels, but both will include local networks like FOX (click here for complete channel list).

Here are some other notable mentions:

  • DVR space
  • The option to customize your experience based on the package you have
  • The option add channels like HBO, Showtime, and more
  • No contract
  • Sports channels like ESPN
  • Local networks
  • Close to 100 channels with both packages

How much does Sling TV cost?

Each package (Blue and Orange) will only cost you $30 per month. This is the least expensive on the list, and even if you combine the two, they will only cost you $50 per month. Not bad for what you get, right?