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How To Watch IPTV On PC

In this article – How To Watch IPTV On PC –  I’m going to show you how you can stream IPTV on any Windows 10 PC. How do you ask? Keep reading to find out!

How To Watch IPTV On PC – NoxPlayer Android Emulator

There are very few native apps on the Microsoft store that will allow you the flexibility to watch IPTV streams from any or all providers. This is why I highly recommend the use of the free Android emulator, NoxPlayer.


Governments and ISPs across the world monitor their users’ online activities. If found streaming copyright content, you could get into serious legal trouble. Currently, your IP [ipt_address] is visible to everyone. I strongly recommend that you get the best VPN for streaming and hide your identity so that your entertainment doesn’t take a turn for the worst.

Here are the reasons why you must use a VPN all the time.

I personally use and recommend you use one of ExpressVPN, NordVPN, IPVanish or PureVPN. They are the fastest and most secure VPNs in the industry.

The NoxPlayer emulator app is simply amazing, and will give you a full-featured Android operating system on your Windows 10 PC. Not only will you be able to stream IPTV to your Windows PC, you’ll also be able to play all your favorite Android games.

How To Watch IPTV On PC - NoxPlayer

The NoxPlayer emulator offers a cutting-edge engine that brings you a gameplay experience that will surpass your mobile phone’s. With leading technology based off Android 4.4.2 & 5.1.1, compatible with X86/AMD, it’s stable, fast and reliable.

As you can see in the image above, there are a couple of other apps that I recommend getting in addition to the NoxPlayer. I’ve indicated the two I’m currently using, namely, ExpressVPN, which is as the name implies, a VPN provider, and StbEMU (Free or Pro version).

While I’m currently using ExpressVPN, there are other slightly cheaper VPNs out there (ExpressVPN is among the more expensive options). If you’re on a bit of a budget let me recommend some additional VPNs.

Recommended VPN Providers

Ease of Use5/55/55/55/5
Speed Rating5/54/54/54/5
Traffic LoggingNoNoNoNo
Support Rating5/55/55/54/5
Price Rating4/55/55/55/5
Price approx. $8.32/monthapprox. $3.99/monthapprox. $3.74/monthapprox. $3.59/month

The reason I always recommend using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in these situations is so your web/streaming traffic remains completely anonymous. For example, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or any other unwanted guest who decides they want to see what you’re up to will not be able to if you have a VPN enabled.

I’ve done several articles that discuss VPNs, IPTV and a whole host of other cord-cutting options that I’ll include at the end of this article. If you enjoyed this article and found it useful, be sure to check my other ones too!

How To Watch IPTV On PC – Setting Up NoxPlayer

The first thing you need to do is obviously go out and download the free NoxPlayer Android Emulator. Once you’ve done that, the install is very straight forward. Just step through the installation screens and follow the prompts.

Want to see the complete YouTube tutorial. In this video I show you start to finish how to download, install and setup your emulated IPTV environment.

How To Watch IPTV On PC – Setting Up STBEmu Pro (or Free)

In this section I want to walk you through the STBEmu Pro setup. For this part you are going to the information sent to you by your IPTV provider. This primarily will include two things:

  1. The Portal URL.
  2. A MAC Address.

With these two pieces of information you will be streaming IPTV content in a snap.

Step #1

First, get into the settings page of the STBEmu Pro Emulator.

How To Watch IPTV On PC

If this is the first time you’re launching the emulator it will likely ask you to configure a new profile. Click this button to setup your IPTV profile. If this is not the first time you’ve launched StbEmu, then navigate to Settings –> Profiles as illustrated below.

How To Watch IPTV On PC - NoxPlayer

Step #2

Now give your profile a name. In the example below, I’ve chosen to give the profile name “White Server”. This can be a good way to identify the server you are connecting to if you have multiple active server connections.

How To Watch IPTV On PC - NoxPlayer

Step #3

Now click on the profile you created in Step #2 and navigate to “Portal Settings”. This is where you will be entering the Portal URL given to you by your IPTV service provider. Simply click the “Portal Settings” button as shown and enter your portal url.

How To Watch IPTV On PC - NoxPlayer

How To Watch IPTV On PC - NoxPlayer

Step #4

Once your portal url has been entered (be sure to check that you’ve entered it exactly right), back out of this screen by clicking the back button on the Nox Emulator. Now click on the “STB configuration” button and proceed to enter the MAC address given to you by your IPTV service provider.

How To Watch IPTV On PC - NoxPlayer

How To Watch IPTV On PC - NoxPlayer

You’ll notice I’ve blurred some of this content out as it is obviously sensitive information.

Step #5

The last step is to simply exit the StbEmu emulator by clicking the back arrow multiple times as shown and finally by clicking the “Exit” button.

How To Watch IPTV On PC - NoxPlayer

You must restart the StbEmu before the changes will take effect.

How To Watch IPTV On PC - NoxPlayer

Once restarted you should see that you are logging into your IPTV portal.

How To Watch IPTV On PC - NoxPlayer

How To Watch IPTV On PC – You’re Done!

If you’ve made it this far congratulations, you’re successfully watching IPTV on your Windows PC! You should now be streaming all the glorious content you want in perfect anonymity.

How To Watch IPTV On PC - NoxPlayer

I certainly hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article on “How To Watch IPTV On PC”. Be sure to check out some of my other great articles that talk about everything cord-cutting, IPTV and just about everything else that doesn’t involve monthly cable or satellite subscriptions.