Best Digital Convert Boxes for Antenna TV

TV Station Locator for Antenna

Are you looking for free over-the-air digital transmissions in your area? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Use the TV Station Locator for Antenna Tool by clicking the button below our short YouTube video tutorial.

The TV Station Locator for Antenna Tool is a great way to see how many free TV channels are available in your area.

Interpreting TV Station Locator for Antenna Results

Station Finder - HDTV Channel MapThe TV Station Locator will present a list of channels in a color-coded channels available in your area.

The colors range from Green – Strong, Yellow – Moderate, Orange – Weak, and Red – No Signal. A good quality indoor antennashould allow you to pick up channels in the Green to Yellow spectrum.

For channels that are in the Orange or Weak spectrum, I recommend a high quality outdoor antenna. For a complete listing of top quality antennas, check out my article, best outdoor HDTV antennas.

Using the TV station locator tool is an easy way to quickly determine which direction your should point your antenna. In the next section I’ll discuss exactly the steps needed.

How to know which direction to point your antenna?

The TV Station Locator for Antenna Tool tool makes it incredibly easy to know which way to point your antenna to pick up the HDTV channel signals in your area. Simply click the station finder “call letters” on the left side of the map as illustrated below.

The map then shows the TV transmitter towers and a solid black line from your location to the tower…awesome right!

Station Finder - HDTV Channel Map

Still not sure how to use the station locator tool? No problem, check out this short YouTube video below that walks you through step-by-step how to use it.

Click the button to launch the TV station locator tool for antenna!

This tool is completely safe to use and is freely available to everyone on the website. Simply enter your zip code (don’t worry it is not saved) and the tool will compute the results.

By clicking the button below you’ll be redirected to the DTV Reception Maps located on the FCC website.

Launch the Station Locator Tool

Top 10 Best Outdoor Antennas

We did a comprehensive review article that ranks the top 10 best outdoor antennas. For a more in-depth review of our best picks and features, be sure to check it out.

To save you some time, we’ve compiled a short summary of our top picks. So without further ado, here they are:

10. BOOSTWAVES Outdoor Remote Controlled HDTV Antenna

Quick Features:

  • Durable ABS material construction and water-proof design of antenna
  • Builtin rotor, controller and Infrared remote controller
  • Full 360 degrees rotation of the rotor
  • Upto 125 miles of coverage
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Easy and quick to install

9. Vansky Outdoor 150 Mile Motorized Antenna

Quick Features:

  • Supports 720p, 1080i, 1080p signal formats
  • Infrared Remote control included for 360 rotation of motor
  • Builtin high gain Amplifier
  • Builtin noise filtering circuitry
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Provides upto 150 miles of coverage

8. 1byone Digital Amplified Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Quick Features:

  • 80 miles of coverage range
  • Offers full HD (1080p), ultra HD (4K) and 3D channels support
  • Easily picks up UHF channels (470~862MHz)
  • Cross-phase design with multiple-elements withstands bad weather conditions
  • 1 year of Manufacturer’s warranty, 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Compact in size and good value for money

7. Eagle Aspen Directv Approved 2-Bay UHF Outdoor Antenna

Quick Features:

  • 2 Bowtie design picks up all UHF channels
  • HDTV compatible; DirecTV-approved
  • Digital as well as analog reception
  • Outdoor balun included with antenna
  • Quick and easy to assemble and install
  • 90 Day Warranty period

6. 1byone Omni-directional Amplified Outdoor Antenna

Quick Features:

  • 360 degrees reception due to Omni-directional design of antenna
  • Receives FM radio/VHF/UHF signals from 60 miles of range
  • No tools required for assembly, easy to install
  • Very stylish, nice looking design
  • Anti-UV coating of antenna protects the surface from the sun
  • Totally enclosed, making waterproof and sealed from the elements
  • Detachable high gain Amplifier included

5. ClearStream 2V HDTV Antenna with Mount

Quick Features:

  • 60-mile range
  • Receives UHF and VHF signal
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Supports 1080p HD video
  • Patented loop design gives exceptional reception with minimum interference

4. Channel Master CM-4228HD High VHF, UHF and HDTV Antenna

Best Outdoor HDTV Antennas - Channel Master CM-4228HD High VHF, UHF and HDTV Antenna

Quick Features:

  • 70+ miles of range coverage
  • Classic and convenient 8 Bowtie designed antenna
  • Latest Antenna Technology- compact design and high performance
  • High-quality sound and crystal clear picture provided
  • Exceptional Lifetime Warranty on parts
  • Easy installation with all the kit included

3. ClearStream 4 Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Quick Features:

  • Unique Quad-Loop design picks up UHF channels from 70 miles of range
  • Wide Beam angle of antenna does not need rotation
  • Patented design offers great reception without interference
  • Antennas Direct Lifetime Warranty on parts
  • Mounting hardware included for easy installation
  • Multi-directional elements for top-notch reception

2. 8 Element Bowtie Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna

FREE TV - Element Bowtie Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna - 70 Mile Range

Quick Features:

  • 8-Element Bowtie design for picking up TV signals from 70 miles of range
  • Flexible brackets design- Receives signals from towers in different directions
  • High gain of 17.4dBi
  • Easy to install; Compact in size
  • Reflector avoids any sort of multipath interference
  • Lifetime warranty on parts

1. RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna

FREE TV - RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna with 70 Mile Range

Quick Features:

  • Pre-assembled design; snap-lock elements and easy-lock fold-out reflector
  • Supports 1080i HD signal format
  • Range of 60 miles; VHF/UHF reception
  • Cross-phase, multi-element design for top-notch reception
  • 1 year warranty period
  • Built with high quality materials
  • Mounting hardware included

As mentioned, this is just a quick look at our top 10 list. For a more comprehensive review be sure to check out the full article. The article will give you all sorts of useful installation tips and a comprehensive buying guide. This way you can be sure you are getting the right antenna for you location and needs.

I hope you found this page useful, and you’re one step closer to “cutting the cable cord”! Be sure to come back and visit often. We’re always pushing new content that is designed to save you money.