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TV Station Locator for Antenna

Are you looking for free over-the-air digital transmissions in your area? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This free TV antenna locator tool is a great way to see how many channels are available in your area. You’ll find a button a little further down the page that will link you directly to this free antenna tool.

Haven’t purchase your antenna yet? We’ve done comprehensive reviews of the best indoor antennas and outdoor antennas. Be sure to check these articles out before you purchase your antenna.

If you’re not sure where to start with installing your new antenna, don’t worry we’ve got you covered here as well. Check out our comprehensive antenna installation guide to learn everything you need to know.

But before you purchase your antenna, let’s find out what TV channels are available in your area!

Interpreting TV Station Locator for Antenna Results

Station Finder - HDTV Channel MapThe TV Station Locator will present a list of channels in a color-coded channels available in your area.

The colors range from:

  • Green – Indicates a Strong Signal
  • Yellow – Indicates a Moderate Signal
  • Orange – Indicates a Weak Signal, and
  • Red – Indicates No Signal.

A good quality indoor antenna, such as those found in our indoor antenna buying guide,  should allow you to pick up channels in the Green spectrum.

If you find the majority of your channels in the Yellow to Moderate Spectrum, then it’s likely that an indoor antenna is not going to perform well.

For this case you may need to consider an outdoor antenna if at all possible. If an outdoor antenna is an option then I encourage you to check out our outdoor antenna buying guide.

In this guide we list some of the best antennas available on the market today. It goes without saying that a good quality outdoor antenna will always outperform even the best indoor antenna.

For channels that are in the Orange to Weak Spectrum, an indoor antenna is not going to be an option for you. You will need to invest in a quality outdoor antenna such as the ones listed here.

If you find yourself in the Red Spectrum then you are not receiving any kind of signal whatsoever.

Either the transmission tower is too far away for your location or your antenna simply doesn’t have the range required to pick it up. For this fringe, outlying areas, you may need to consider an outdoor antenna designed for rural areas.

Again, we’ve reviewed some of the best outdoor antennas for rural areas right here.

If you’re struggling to pick up channels, or you’re considering cutting the cable cord and just want to know what channels you can receive, then the TV Station Locator Tool will tell you what you need to know.

How to know which direction to point your antenna?

The TV Station Locator for Antenna Tool tool makes it incredibly easy to know which way to point your antenna to pick up the HDTV channel signals in your area. Simply click the station finder “call letters” on the left side of the map as illustrated below.

The map then shows the TV transmitter towers and a solid black line from your location to the tower…awesome right!

Station Finder - HDTV Channel Map

Still not sure how to use the station locator tool? No problem, check out this short YouTube video below that walks you through step-by-step how to use it.

Click the button to launch the TV station locator tool for antenna!

This tool is completely safe to use and is freely available to everyone on the fcc.gov website. Simply enter your zip code (don’t worry it is not saved) and the tool will compute the results.

By clicking the button below you’ll be redirected to the DTV Reception Maps located on the FCC website.

Launch the Station Locator Tool