Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios Internet Plans, Pricing, and Review

Verizon has built a great reputation for offering internet services at superior speeds matched by great uptime guarantees. With the launch of its Verizon Fios Internet Plans, we decided to take a closer look in terms of their various plans, speeds, uptimes and pricing.

If you’re in the market for a new Internet service provider, our detailed Verizon internet only review will provide you with all the information you need to know to make an informed decision…so let’s get started.

Who Is Verizon?

Verizon is a major force in the broadband and telecommunication industries, serving millions of customers in different parts of the world.

With one of the largest phone service areas covering the United States and over 150 other countries, Verizon has now ventured into fiber-optic internet services, and its user base is growing rapidly.

Powered by fiber-optic technology and DSL, Verizon boasts unparalleled speeds, stellar service, and advanced technology, thereby making it one of the highest-ranked providers of the internet for several years now.

While it cannot be termed as the best when it comes to DSL internet in terms of speeds and offering, Verizon stands out when it comes to Fios. Not only does it offer highly competitive prices for Fios but also greater performance as compared to other popular internet providers.

By Fios, it means internet delivered over fiber optic cables. This enables faster speeds than when it is delivered over copper-based cables.

Verizon has been offering services since 2005, but they have now added fiber optic internet to their services. And although they had to up their game to keep up with the industrial leaders at the start, currently, they offer higher data speeds and uptime guarantee as compared to most other renowned internet providers.

How can you get Verizon Fios?

Now that you understand what Verizon offers, you may be interested in knowing how you can get Verizon installed in your home.

Well, just like standard cable, you can get Verizon Fios installed in your home by scheduling an appointment with Verizon either through their website or over the phone.

You should spare several hours for the installation process to be completed as Fios installation takes longer than standard cable since many homes are not wired for fiber optic cables.

However, if your home is already wired for fiber optic, you will not need to have Verizon officials install the internet for you as there is a self-installation option. Otherwise, the installation process can take up to six hours.

What you need to know about Verizon Fios Internet?

Before we delve deeper into the Verizon plans, pricing, data speeds, and more, here is a brief of the things you need to know about Verizon, that’s if you don’t have time to read the whole review.

Verizon Fios has lightning fast fiber-optic speeds, as well as a great uptime guarantee, two major features that make it stand out. These are factors heavy internet users should consider before settling on a service provider.

Another pro for Verizon is its reputation for offering stellar customer service for all its customers.

However, Verizon is not perfect. Its fiber-optic network covers only a few states, majorly in the Northeastern United States, but fortunately, they are rapidly expanding.

Also, their DSL plans are slower and pricier than those offered by competing brands.


  • Superior speeds in terms of downloads and uploads
  • Superior customer service for its customers
  • 99% fiber uptime guarantee


  • Its DSL plans are expensive and slow
  • Customers often complain about latency
  • It is only limited to selected areas

With that in mind, you can make a quick decision regarding whether this is the right service for your internet needs or not.

Let’s now discuss plans and prices.

Verizon Fios Fiber Plans and Pricing

There is a reason Verizon Fios has continued to build a great reputation among internet consumers – its 100% fiber network, affordable no-contract plans, and superior speeds set it apart from other major fiber providers.

Here is a breakdown of both its DSL and fiber plans and their prices:



PriceDownload/upload speedsType of ConnectionSuited For;

High-Speed Internet





Up to 3Mbs




Casual Browsers


High-Speed Internet




Up to 15Mbs




Light Streamers


Fios Internet 100





Up to 100/ 10Mbs




Heavy Streamers


Fios Internet 300





Up to 300/ 300Mbs




Mega Internet Users


Fios Gigabit Connection





Up to 940/ 880Mbs




Big businesses and organization


From the table above, it is clear that Verizon offers three unlimited Fios internet plans, namely, Fios 100, Fios 300, and Fios Gigabit.

Of course, the cheapest fiber plan is Fios 100, which is great for a household of 2-3 users who are not heavy users. You can stream HD videos, games, and surf the web using several devices.

Surprisingly, even though this is the basic fiber plan offered by Verizon, it is the most attractive fiber offerings on the market. Many households prefer this plan because of its affordability and commendable speeds.

The Fios 300 is ideal for households or small businesses with several users looking to do the same activities across different devices.

Often times, households with more than five users believe that they need the fastest plan, but in most cases, they end up paying for plans that exceed their needs. This plan is ideal for medium households and businesses, as Fios Gigabit is a bit overwhelming for average users.

Fios Gigabit Connection is the most expensive and biggest plan offered by Verizon. It is blazingly fast for businesses with demanding internet needs. This plan is ideal for large households with 100-plus devices or businesses that solely rely on internet services.

It is important to mention that even though this plan is named Gigabit (1,000 Mbs), the download and upload speeds clock 940 MBs for downloads and 880Mbs for uploads.

However, considering that the Verizon Internet Only Plans are known to operate at 100% of their speeds, you can rest assured that the Gigabit Connection plan will be as fast as or even faster than most competitors’ gigabit plans.

Is Verizon Fios Internet Available in Rural Areas?

In more rural areas where fiber optic is unavailable, Verizon offers High-Speed Internet with speeds ranging between 500kbs and 15 Mbs. This is for DSL plans.

Of course, these speeds are far below those offered by other leading DSL providers such as AT&T that provides broadband speeds of up to 100 Mbs. However, in terms of prices and reliability, Verizon still holds the upper hand.

If you are in rural areas where fiber optic is unavailable and looking for a basic internet connection that can surf the web and stream videos without buffering, Verizon High-Speed Internet should meet all your needs.

Keep in mind that this will be sufficient for households with less than five users. For households with multiple users, we recommend that you look for other DSL providers with plans that have better internet speeds.

Unlike other providers that boast of plans with crazy internet speeds but have capped their internet capacity at 1TB, Verizon offers truly unlimited internet with no data capping.

Of course, internet providers know that it is extremely rare for a consumer to hit a terabyte, but it is good to know that with Verizon, you will not be charged extra for exceeding the one terabyte usage.

Which Verizon Internet Plan is right for you?

Verizon High-Speed Internet:  This is best for people in rural areas where fiber optic is unavailable. It suits people with up to 5 devices.

Fios Internet 100: This is suitable for small households with not more than eight users

Fios Internet 300: This is best for users with not more than 12 devices, medium households and small businesses.

Fios Gigabit: This is ideal for households with heavy internet usage or medium and large businesses.

Verizon Fios Internet Plans: The Fine Print

Now let’s break down some of the costs, equipment, and contracts you can expect when choosing Verizon Fios Internet Plans.


In addition to the monthly cost you should pay based on your plan, you may need to pay installation, activation, and early cancellation fees.

Installation and activation fees. Although Verizon waives most of the installation fees, you will need to pay $99.99 to activate new Fios 100 plan or $24.99 for DSL.

Early termination. If you cancel your subscription before the time of the agreement expires, there is a cancelation fee to pay based on your contract duration.


Although you don’t have to enter into an agreement to use Verizon, entering into contracts helps you pay lower prices.


You will need hardware equipment if you want to run your internet business, including Wi-Fi network. For DSL lines, you will need to purchase a $24.99 router. Fiber plans need to get higher-tech equipment amounting to $199.99. Verizon will advise you on the equipment you need upfront.

About Verizon’s Customer Service

One of the selling points of Verizon is the outstanding customer service it offers. In fact, J.D. Power recently awarded Verizon for a nearly perfect score in overall satisfaction and customer service.

With customer service being one of the most complained aspects in the internet industry, Verizon has been impressive on that front, thereby outperforming all other providers.

FAQ About Verizon Internet Only Plans

What’s the difference between Fios and fiber?

While fiber internet is named after the fast fiber optic cable network, Fios is a Verizon brand name for its optic network. Fios is known for delivering a digital phone straight to your home and for the state-of-the-art TV.

Most internet providers use fiber-optic lines and copper-based wires to transmit data and signal to a business or home.

Verizon Fios, on the other hand, runs fiber directly into your home, ensuring that you are using 100% fiber-optic lines for unmatched reliability and superior speeds. Fios internet uses lines made of strands of glass, which are faster and offer more reliable speeds.

How much uptime do I need for my small business?

You should look for a provider that offers 99.99% of uptime for your small business. You need a brand with the least downtimes. To know exactly how much uptime you need, look at the various uptime guarantees and how it translates to downtime.

Uptime GuaranteeDowntime per Month
AT & T Fiber – 99.9%43.8 minutes
Verizon DSL – 99.95%21.9 minutes
Verizon Fiber – 99.99%4.38 minutes
Comcast – 99.998%52.56 seconds

Verizon fiber offers a solid uptime guarantee for your business and home to run with minimal downtime.

How much speed do I need for my internet?

You don’t need lightning-fast speeds; you only need sufficient loading speeds for your online business. Look at the following plans to determine what might be best for your business.

1 to 3 Mbps – this plan allows you to carry out light web surfing, online computing, email, and standard-definition video streaming and conferencing.

Up to 15 Mbps – you need this plan to connect a few employees and enable smooth file transfer. It’s also sufficient to run a store and stream videos in high definition.

Up to 100 Mbps – such a plan allows a dozen employees to connect effectively by conferencing and collaborating in real-time. Also, it will enable easier transfer of files, downloads, and backups. Conferencing is clear, and without lags; Streaming is in high definition.

Up to 300 Mbps – this is ideal for businesses with many users who have access to files in clouds. It suits internet-heavy businesses with lots of online traffic and operations.

Up to 940 Mbps – this is the fastest business internet available. Apart from enabling all the previous plans, everything becomes near-instantaneous, with every function perfect.

Are there data caps?

Verizon Fios does not spell out a limit policy on its plans, which means your load speeds will not be affected when your site or business becomes popular.

However, in case you begin to process too much data or need to expand your bandwidth, you may need to upgrade to a higher plan. With most Verizon Fios plans, you can download HD movies, play online games and share large files (legally).

Where is Verizon Fios connection available?

Fiber Internet has gained popularity across the United States recently. Being a relatively new player, Verizon Fios is only available in the Northeast.

Here is a breakdown of the key metro areas:

  • New Jersey
  • New York – NY city, Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse, Long Island, Plattsburgh
  • Maryland
  • Washington, DC
  • Virginia
  • Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Philadelphia
  • Massachusets – Boston
  • Providence, RI

If your home is not within the Fios network, contact Verizon to know the Fios internet options available at your address.

Do I have to pay extra for a static IP address?

All Verizon plans allow users to choose between a dynamic and a static IP address. Unfortunately, you need to have an extra $20 for a static address. But why does Verizon charge extra for it? For certain services online, you need to lock your address as any change can lead to huge losses for your business.

For instance, digital marketing businesses need specific IPs to ensure your activity on a client’s site doesn’t mess with their traffic analytics. Also, it can help your customers access your network with ease.

What other Verizon Services can I add to my internet plan?

In addition to the internet packages offered by Verizon, they also offer home phone calling services. You can stay connected to friends and family when you add home phone service to your package, which starts at just $20 a month.

Also, you can choose Fios TV packages to add to your Fios Internet plan. Customers can also stream live TV thanks to the YouTube TV package.

Is Verizon Internet Worth an Investment?

If you are living in a household with more than three users who need a stable, speedy internet connection and Verizon Fios is available in your area, then we would recommend that you try Verizon Internet.

With Verizon, you can expect high speeds, superior uptime guarantee, and supportive customer service, all in one package.

Here are our recommendations:

Fios Gigabit Connection:

We would recommend this plan for households with multiple users who work from home, gamers, users who like streaming movies in HD, and people who hate buffering and lags.

Also, any business that needs fast download and upload speeds or those that want to spread their internet’s bandwidth more, this plan is ideal for them. It is fast, reliable, and affordable. For only $79.99 per month, you can enjoy download speeds of up to 940 Mbs.

Fios 100 and Fios 300:

The Fios 100 plan is ideal for people who have a limited budget but still want enough internet speeds for a few users to do regular work and stream a movie or a game. If you are a huge family with plenty of devices, then you may need to get a Fios 300.

If you are not in an area with fiber optic, then Verizon High Internet plans will suit your data-light business.